Common Core Frustrations: I’ve Got Them


The implementation of Common Core into our education system has been disruptive for many kids (and parents!) Parents are frustrated and sometimes confused by these standards and the new methods of teaching. If you feel this way, you are in the majority. Here are some of the frustrations that parents experience.

Math? Well, you would think Math would be pretty straightforward. Numbers just make sense, right? The curriculum coming out of the Common Core testing make doing math problems complicated. Teachers have to be an expert in these methods to give your child a good education. Doing Math homework takes twice as long for the kids, and most parents don’t understand enough to be able to offer guidance to their kids. Um, yeah…that would be me! And by the way, that upper image of homework is, indeed, my 9 year old’s math homework.

Keeping America Competitive
The biggest reason we hear about why Common Core testing is used is that America has fallen behind the rest of the world. That may be true in some instances, but we are being forced to use methods that are not necessarily proven to be effective. Jumping into these changes without more research and preparation has just mucked up the education system and our kids will be the ones suffering, not succeeding.

Teaching to Testing
Teachers are now put in the position to have to teach to the tests. Students have to pass these standardized tests and the curriculum caters only to this end. I am not sure our kids are learning, they are just being taught to pass a test.

Questionable Reading
The Common Core recommends many books that parents don’t agree with. Some of these books for older kids have many questionable themes and language. I understand that kids will expand their minds during their older school years, but why throw out classic literature that is in good taste?

Common Core standards are supposed to make our kids better and ready for college and employment. In reality, by teaching to the test, we are limiting our kids’ education and not really teaching them to think for themselves. As parents, we will do everything we can to make sure our kids are happy and successful, but Common Core does not seem to be the answer.

And, it really makes me feel like an idiot trying to help my kid with math. Just saying.

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  1. I couldn’t help any student with math homework. It’s gotten to the point where the teachers are teaching a totally new way to learn how to solve math problems. What was wrong with the old fashion way.

  2. It’s also confusing because it’s a new curriculum. I hope they find a work around for this, if not at least give the kids ample time to adjust.

  3. I went to college for a year for chemical engineering and yet I had trouble helping my niece with her math homework. I totally agree it is unnecessarily complicated.

  4. I have 3 kids in school and believe me when I say the homework is NOTHING like what I did when I was a kid. All the while I’m thinking how is this related to real life situations. I have to google how to do some of things they bring home.

  5. Thank you for sharing this–I am definitely confused by the problem above. There was nothing wrong with the old-fashioned way. It has worked for generations! But the biggest crime is that, as you mention, teachers teach “to the test.” Our kids needs a well-rounded education with music, art, science, math, reading, and a second language! Let’s give our kids a chance to be creative!

  6. My kids homework sometimes really baffles me. After grade 3 I sit there and I’m like huh? My poor grade 7 has to help us because none of the stuff is really what we understand.

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