Questioning Parenting Skills: Do I Suck As A Parent?


As a parent, I often question whether I am doing the right thing. Every situation is different and how we handle it can make a huge difference in the way our child perceives us and the way they handle situations themselves.

Is my child going to end up a screaming lunatic if I yell at them for not cleaning up their room? Will they end up the kid in my basement playing video games at the age of 40 if I don’t give them enough responsibilities?

I question my parenting skills daily, but last night I got tears in my eyes as something happened on our drive home back a shopping excursion with the family.

My husband and I had dropped our oldest girls off at Michael’s while my husband went to Lowe’s and I held down the fort in our vehicle with our new baby puppy and the two youngest kiddos. The girls finished up first and they were to the vehicle giddy as all get out. My oldest was like, “Oh my gosh mom! The girl that was working there was sooo nice! I didn’t have enough money and she used her employee discount for me so I didn’t have to put anything back.” I asked her how much she was over and she said, “We miscalculated and were over by like five dollars. But the employee there said she remembers what it was like as a teenager to shop here and not have enough money so she used her discount…mom, that was soo nice!” She explained to me how she really wanted to go back and thank her because of how touched she was. I told her to go ahead if she wanted to.


So she did go back, thanked the employee, whose nametag said McKenzie and gave her $5. McKenzie said that she couldn’t accept the money, but my daughter insisted. “Yes, you can! It’s the least we can do for the nice thing you did for us!” The girl said, “Nobody has ever did anything like this for me!” She asked for a hug and as the girls left, she had a big smile on her face.

The story in itself was fun to hear, but what I was not prepared for were the words to follow.

“Mom, I love you. Thank you for raising me this way.”


MORAL OF THE STORY: Ahhh. It is these moments that make me forget about the stresses of parenting, if even for a moment.

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  1. This is a great story. I also constantly fear that I may not be good enough as a parent. As a single parent, I feel the pressure even more. I have had moments like this where I smile and pat myself on the back internally knowing that at least part of my parenting isn’t being wasted.

  2. What a beautiful story–and that really was nice of that employee to do that. And yes, your kids do know who taught them to be like they are–if only by watching what you do.

  3. What a beautiful story! We often worry about how our kids would turn out to be, but I guess the best way to teach them to do good and be good is to set an example ourselves. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom!

  4. I was once at a craft store and just took in my credit card. When I went to check out I was asked for my DL which I left in the car. The lady behind me added my stuff to hers even though I insisted my DL was just out in the car. She then handed me $10 and I was like no really I have money. She kept handing it to me so I eventually took it. Kind of weird but I used to it pay it forward later. It’s so nice seeing these acts of kindness. We probably think it’s “weird” now so we need to do it more so we don’t think something nice like this is weird.

  5. I think we ALWAYS wonder if we are bad parents or if we are doing the right thing! As long as we care enough to care that we might not be doing the best that probably means we are doing fine! πŸ™‚

  6. This is a great post. I really think this is very parents fear but in the end you have to remind yourself that you’re a great parent πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely story. I think all parents question whether we’re doing it right but moments like these confirm you obviously are πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing x

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