How To Communicate With Your Teens Via Text


Oh how teens love to text! Communication with our teens is critical during this stage in their lives and if we can get through to them even slightly, I think we can claim success. Albeit challenging at times (ok, most of the time), sometimes we need to get on THEIR level in order to communicate with those little sweetie pies especially when they are out with friends. You just don’t know what they could be up to and that is why checking in on them isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So moms and dads, instead of calling to check on your kids every hour, how about a nice little text message?

Here are some suggestions for parents on how to communicate with their children via text messages:

*Hope UR having fun. Stay smart. Luv u

*Be ur self. Be safe

*I’m lucky ur my kid. Luv u

*Thx for being so great. Have fun. Stay safe

*If u need me – call me

*Remember, I trust u. Love ya

*Remember our talk. Love u and have fun.

*Be careful and have fun.

*Let me know where u r when u have a min. thx

*Give me a call when u get a chance. Luv u

*I’m always here if u need to talk.

*Luv u.


Oh and teens love emojis, so if you could throw a few of those in there, you’re golden.

Do you text your teenager???

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  1. Today is sure a different world than when I raised my Daughter. I think it was easier back then… but then, maybe not. Teens are in their own little world, that’s for sure.

  2. My oldest isn’t quite a teen yet, but this is great to know. We have really great open communication right now I want to make sure it continues with all my kids. Especially in the all important teen days.

  3. I just love this wonderful idea of texting instead of calls as I always feel that you can express your love & care with some nice words rather than making a call in rush during a busy schedule. They also would feel better as most teens get annoyed when you call them to check how they are doing.

  4. My mom has used text since it started to communicate with not only her kids but troubled youth that she works with. she knows that for whatever reason, sending a text will hit them where it needs to. I love this post.

  5. My kids are far from teenagers, but I do text my teenage nieces and nephews to let them know I am thinking of them and that I love them. They were my first kids. 🙂

  6. To be honest I don’t think teens really text any more which is sad but I am the same. We use social media for everything these days and it is like we have forgotten how to communicate naturally!

  7. I have a great relationship with my daughter and son. No, really, I do. Communication is key! And if that means texts along with face to face talking I’m all for it. Actually my family has an ongoing group text that the 4 of use throughout the day. It makes me smile.

  8. Right now I have an 8,6 and 2 year old boys but I’m sure they’ll be teens in no time. Great suggestions. I’ve thought a lot about what we’re going to do when that time comes when they have a phone. It’s kind of terrifying and I definitely want to make sure we stay connected.

  9. I love the idea of using communication that works for your teenager. You’re showing interest in what they’re into. Its kind of like you’re showing you care in two different ways. Win-win!

  10. My son is five now, and I’m curious what kinds of things he will be doing when he’s a teen. I text with my husband and friends a lot, so I think texting with my son will be natural. These are great ideas on how to make sure you kid knows you love them, while still giving them their own space and letting them know you trust them.

  11. The teens do have their own language, don’t they? I have a twelve year old granddaughter and I text her just to keep in touch and check in. It’s amazing that that is the way they communicate.

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