What to Know About Teens and Texting


Everybody texts nowadays, and it seems like a quick and easy tool for communication. If you have a teen you know that they will respond faster when you text them. Texting seems safe and secure, right? The truth is that they are a lot of sneaky ways that teens can text about things you would not really want them to. How can you know what is really going on?

While codes and acronyms change over time, there are some common ones that you should familiarize yourself with. Teens know that parents will check on them, so stay up to date with the newest slang. If you see a code in your teen’s text messages that you don’t recognize, you can usually google it to see what it means. As always, have a conversation with your teen if you have any concerns about what they are doing on their cell phones.

Parent in Room = PIR
Parent watching= 9
Naked in front of computer = NIFOC
Get naked on camera = GNOC
Hungover from Alcohol = Broken
See you for sex = CU46
Sex = 53X
Parent Gone = 99
Party meeting place = 1174
Marijuana = 420
Parent over shoulder = POS
Talk dirty to me = TDTM
Parents Around = CD9
Keeping parent clueless = KPC
Texting while driving = TWD
Acid (drug) = CID
Suggestive or Erotic picture = SUGARPIC
Kiss on the Lips = KOTL
Let’s meet in real life = (L)MIRL
Porn = PRON
Oral Sex = 8
I’m posting naked = IPN
Want to trade pictures? = WTTP
Drug of choice = DOC
I want sex now = IWSN
Age, sex, location = ASL
Ages, sex, location, picture = ASLP
Enough is enough = EIE
Face to face = F2F
Love & Kisses = LNK
Parents are watching = PAW

Again, keep the lines of communication open with your teen and don’t be afraid to talk about anything!

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  1. This is a great resource for parents! I’m sure by the time my littles are teens they’ll have different codes, but I’ll definitely share these with my friends with older kids!

  2. I’m not sure my kids will get to have phones for many years, but it’s something to start being educated about now. Technology can be wonderful and frightening at the same time.

  3. I hate the fact that we even have to talk about this. My daughter is getting ready to turn thirteen and she wants to be able to have a phone that texts and we are just NOT there yet.

  4. My friend had worked for a company that has created spy software. You just install it as an app into someone’s phone, it remains invisible, and you get control over another person’s phone. A lot of companies use it to spy on their employees, but it is also widely used within parents

    I don’t remember the name, but if you are interested, PM me and I’ll check with my friend

  5. OK, totally not ready for the teen years…of course I have a little time before then, but my goodness how things have changed since I was a teen…and I don’t feel like I am that old!

  6. Definitely something I am going to have to worry about as my daughter gets older. Right now she is only 4 so I have a few more years to go, but things are always changing so it’s so important to stay in the loop of what things are going on.

  7. I am so not ready to have to worry about things like this and thankfully my kids are still fairly young, but I will keep this post handy so that I can be ready for when my kids are old enough.

  8. Wow, I had no idea about any of these. How scary that kids feel the need to have these in existence at all. I always hope to create a sense of trust with my son, but I know that kids still want some private moments and can get into bad situations. These are great to know.

  9. I am a mom of 4. I have 3 out out of the teens, all in one piece. Our youngest is a tween. I pray she continues to follow the right path. This is scary yet a much needed post. I have never heard of any of these.

  10. These are so insane to me! It makes me sick how rough our culture has become even since 10 years ago when I was in high school. Thank you for sharing these so everyone can be informed and aware.

  11. Ugh so Scarey. My girl just turned 13 and is constantly on her phone. I have passwords and she knows I continuously check. Scary world for these kids!

  12. We have an open dialog about texting. and Instagram … luckily Jacque is more of a rule follower so I am pretty comfortable with the whole thing. Snapchat scares me a lot more… lol

  13. Yes, this so helpful. I know a lot of them but kids are slick and they change text codes often. I have a 17-year-old, and I tell him straight. I will beat his butt if I find anything that’s inappropriate. He turns 18 this year, and I’m planning another mom, son chat. I am saving this for sure, instead of a black book with numbers I’ll have a mommy book with text codes. 🙂

  14. My oldest son knows we do random searches of his texts and social media accounts and that if he deletes things we take things away. Thankfully we have a pretty good communication system going so he usually comes straight out with us on what is going on. There are so many short codes it is hard to keep up.

  15. I saw a very similar post with these acronyms the other day and thought about some of them. I don’t monitor what they kids text but maybe I should be a bit more vigilant.

  16. So crazy! I am not up to date on all of this but my oldest has filled me in on quite a bit. it’s a great idea to keep on top of all of the new words, and acronyms.

  17. Oh my, a great resource for parents & I never know there is a lot with such short codes which can easily be mistaken for any other text. I know just few of them so far!

  18. I agree the way teens communicate is really surprising as they respond pretty fast with some short codes, but honestly I never know meaning for most of these. Parents should be aware of these to make sure they know what their kids are trying to do!

  19. hello! i’m 14 and as a teen i can say i’ve never seen/used 98% of these. some of them aren’t real or used, like eie? what? anc some of them don’t actually mean what this list says. like, 420 doesn’t specifically mean marijuana. it means a time that people get high, on like weed or crack or whatever. I wish you’d included the phrases kids actually used. like lmao or wtf. parents may know about those & what they mean, but it’s helpful to add those to a list like this for unknowing parents. Just a thought. 🙂

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