Memory Games to Improve Your Child’s Memory

One of the learning abilities that many children have a hard time with is memorizing. Here are some memory games that will help your child build crucial memory skills.

Alligator in the Elevator– The Alligator in the Elevator is a free matching game app available for Android and iOS devices. It is designed to help kids build memory and language skills. The game features a tile board, much like the classic board game Memory and uses silly animations in order to hold a child’s attention. The game uses numbers 1 through 10, so younger kids can play this game too.

Tiny Play Box– The Tiny Play Box is a 0.99 cent games app that features several learning games, available for iOS devices. The app has 12 different games, including a card memory game, a gnome matching game and a match by color game. The games are created with simple designs, making it easy for kids of all ages to play and bright colors, to attract and hold a child’s attention.

Giggle Tree– The Giggle Tree app is a $1.99 app that features games which combine memory and music, available for iOS devices. The app features 4 different games to keep kids entertained for hours. The games each feature Gigglebugs, that hide underneath leaves and players need to match each of the Gigglebugs, memorizing their locations along the way. When players locate a match, music starts to play.

My Memory HD– The My Memory HD is a $2.99 app featuring a colorful matching game, available for iOS devices. The app uses animals to teach kids memory exercises. The app uses animals from the farm, the zoo and the sea. The game has 3 levels, including easy, regular and hard. The object of the game is to match the cards of animals. When a match is made, the app plays the animal’s sound.

Gro Memo– The Gro Memo, short for grow memory, is a $1.99 picture memory game app, available for iOS devices. This app is not only designed to teach kids about memorizing strategies, but also teach them about animals and the environment. The app features 29 different animals including a fox, a moose, a crab and an owl, along with 2 different environments: a forest and the sea.

What do you do to help your child improve their memory?

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  1. These are really clever – I love educational games. When I was a kid those are the ones that I loved the most and some of them still stick in my head! X

  2. These look like great games thank you! I will have to share them with the kids for when they are looking for something to do!

  3. I absolutely loved memory games as a young child. I thought they were all super high-tech, being computer software that took forever to load and went super slow on one of those big dinosaur sized computers. Oh, how far technology has come!

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