Choosing a Prom Tuxedo

Choosing a Prom Tuxedo

For many young men, a prom tuxedo is their first experience with formal wear. While guys don’t spend as much time choosing a tuxedo as their date will spend choosing a dress, there are still some things guys need to know about choosing a prom tuxedo.

Tuxedo rental vs. purchase– When it comes to deciding on renting a tux or purchasing one, it really all depends on how many formal events you plan on attending. When you rent a tuxedo, it is not custom made to your specifications, whereas purchasing one is. The choice also depends on your finances, since renting one is about $200 whereas buying one is around $1,000.

Know your measurements– While renting a tuxedo is custom fit especially for you, you still need to know your size and measurements. You will need to know the measurements for your neck, waist, hips, chest and height. Tip: tuxedo pants are designed to be worn below your belly button, so be sure when taking measurements for the pants, you take it at your navel.

Choosing a tuxedo style– When it comes to choosing a tuxedo style, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you want to match the theme of your date’s prom dress. For instance, if she is wearing a blue gown, you don’t want a tux that features a purple vest and tie. Next, you want to choose a basic black or gray tux rather than opting for a powder blue one that will make everyone think you time travelled back to the 1970’s.

Other helpful tips– You should rent your prom tux at least a month before the date of the prom. And most tuxedo shops require that tuxedo rentals are returned the day after you pick it up. This is so that the shop has ample time to have the tux dry cleaned and ready for the next person renting it.

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  1. A lot of kids going to prom probably didn’t know this, so this will really help them out. Thanks for the helpful info.

  2. Great tips for the prom goers! I love seeing all the kids dressed up for this special occasion. I have four boys who will be doing this! Still many years away but excited to think about!

  3. These are great tips. For prom renting a tuxedo is smart and more cost effective since you are going to be wearing it for one night. This is great for those who have high schoolers prepping for his special upcoming event!

  4. It’s really important that you take your date’s gown into consideration. Especially since it will affect what you’re going to look like when you enter the event. I think these are great tips!

  5. This is so helpful for even adults!!! This will really be great advice for teens and their parents, I am sure their dates will appreciate it.

  6. My husband says that he didn’t decide to go to prom until the last minute, and he didn’t rent a tux until then. That was not good because he had to take what was left to choose from and it wasn’t a great fit. Definitely don’t wait until the last minute.

  7. Can I go to prom with Ryan Gosling, lol. He would have been a better date than the one I had so many years ago, who also could have used this helpful advice for picking a more attractive fitting tux.

  8. These are some great tips! I remember when I went to prom (almost a decade ago, oh my gosh!) that my date was able to get a tuxedo rented and they took care of everything. It was great.

  9. Ooooo great tips for all those heading off to prom!!! I just love seeing everyone all dressed up. Guys in a tux is always so cute!

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