The Most Common Problems Facing Today’s Teens

Today’s teenagers face a number of problem and issues on a daily basis. The issues teens face today are different than the problems their parents faced as teenagers. Here are some of the most common problems facing today’s teenagers.

Body image– Teenagers face an array of body changes, leading some teenagers to feel they are too fat, too skinny, too short or too tall. This body image, in turn, affects their self-esteem. This means that they also believe their classmates perceive them in the same way they perceive themselves. Hormonal changes and puberty have huge effects on teenagers. They often compare themselves to those around them and feel inadequate when they think they don’t match the standards of everyone else.


Bullying– Bullying is a major problem teenagers face today. Bullying can occur at school or online, known as cyberbullying. The two main reasons kids are bullied are because of their social status and their appearance. It is important that parents talk to school officials if they believe their teen is being bullied at school. If the problem is cyberbullying, parents need to confront the parents of the person doing the bullying.


Drugs and alcohol– The main source of teenagers engaging in using drugs and alcohol is usually peer pressure. Teens who engage in these behaviors often face problems at home, at school, with friends and with police. Parents need to talk to their teen about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. If their teen is already engaging in these behaviors, parents need to get their teen help before the problem becomes out of hand.

Sex– Many of today’s teenagers are in a romantic relationship. Oftentimes, this relationship leads to physical involvement, also known as sex. When teenagers engage in unprotected sex, it may lead to pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases. It is important that teens are educated on having protected sex, if they are going to engage in sexual activity.

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  1. My oldest is 12, so I know that he will be facing these things sooner than I would like. I just hope I have taught him to make the right decisions when the time comes.

  2. You’re absolutely right. Teens these days face more than what we faced when we their age and it’s up to us if we’re going to help them through it all or not. I think it’s important to be supportive and understanding towards them. We should also be open about anything.

  3. I agree that many of these issues are totally out of control. Teens need more support and guidance than they did back when I was that age! Technology makes things so much harder for them.

  4. UGh, teenagers terrify me…and I am only a few years away from having my first….I think my daughter might be 8 going on 15 as well sooo….I’m so scared of dealing with all this! I see it in the kids I work with at my restaurant…

  5. My kids are 5 and 6, but I’m already looking forward to they teen years and I bet it would be more 🙂

  6. Even at 12, my son is already dealing with body image issues and bullying. Drugs are a major issue in our area, so we talk about that one constantly. I’m very open with him about it because I am terrified that he’ll fall into the same patterns as so many other teens in this area.

  7. I am the mother of a teen and it is hard balancing everything like school, teams and a social life. I try to support her, educate her and be there when she needs advice.

  8. I remember being a teen, and thinking I knew the world. It was super tough back then. I can’t even wrap my head around today’s times. Unlimited internet. Instagram with model photos. In my day, you only had monthly print magazines, or your classmates, to compete with. I really hope to instill in my littles all the fundaments to make the teen years a little less intense.

  9. My kids growing up as teenagers really terrifies me because of all these things that you have listed here. I don’t want to deal with all these things and I’m scared I may not know how to handle it.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  10. I definitely agree and think schools should push even more for allowing sexual education classes even to begin in elementary school. Kids need a better grasp of this topic (and finances but that is another topic altogether).

  11. These problems were my same problems on a decade and some years back for me too. The only thing I think is more heightened is the cyber bullying the social media bully can be extreme so kids need to be careful what they post and just make sure online bullying doesnt get too out of control.

  12. I feel its important all teenagers get a chance to have friendly relationship with their parents where they can frankly discuss such topics. It can help for a lot of things before they get out of control

  13. I would say these are some of the same problems I faced as a teen. However, I do think the bullying in today’s world is a lot worse. The internet and cellphones give teens so many outlets for making each other feel horrible. It’s a lot to deal with for parents, teachers and kids.

  14. I feel like social media should be listed as a problem since it is a vehicle for a lot of these other problems. I’m glad I didn’t grow up with it.

  15. I don’t have kids yet but I did face some of these issues when I was a teen. Although I feel these issues are a bit worst not due to how popular social media is now. I think we should just have good communication with our kids and just hope we taught them well.

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