Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom night is one of the major events of a teenager’s high school years. Because of this, teen girls are always wondering how to choose the perfect prom dress. They want to look their best on prom night. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect prom dress.

The right size– Finding a prom dress that you absolutely love will do you no good if it is not the right size for you. Be sure that before you head out to the stores, you take the necessary measurements. These measurements include waist, chest, hip and height.

The right style- Finding the right style prom dress will depend on your body figure. For fuller figures, you want to look for a dress that features an empire hem, since this will give you a leaner silhouette. For those with an hourglass figure, choose a dress that is either strapless or features a cinched waist, since these will flatter your figure. If you have a triangle shape, which is a smaller top part and heavier bottom part, look for a dress that features a full skirt, because this will give you a more balanced silhouette. For those with a reverse triangle shape, go with a dress that doesn’t have ruffles or bows in the neckline area, since you want to draw attention away from that area.

The right length– Prom dresses are available in various lengths, from mini skirt to floor length. It used to be that several years ago, prom dresses were only available in floor length styles. However, modern prom dresses run the gamut in lengths. Choosing a length is really all about your taste. Floor length dresses add a touch of romance, knee-length dresses add a touch of femininity, while tea-length dresses add a bit of spunk.

The right color– When it comes to choosing the color of your prom dress, again, it is all about your individual taste. Just be sure that the color you choose also has the right fabric and finish. For instance, neutral colors like white and black look great with most fabrics. However, if you are choosing subtle colors like pink or blue, choose a dress that is made with satin. If you prefer bright colors that pop like red or yellow, choose a dress that is made with a matte finish.

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  1. It’s prom season.. I miss being a teenager, I miss high school and I miss prom. I wouldn’t forget that special occasion. From the preparation week, to the make-over day and unforgettable dances! Your tips are great.. I totally agree!

  2. I remember when my mom took me dress shopping. I tried on so many dresses until I finally found one that was perfect at the time for me. I think even 20+ years later I still have the dress in my closet even though I am no longer that size.

  3. I am loving the black and white dress pictured! We went to quite a few stores to find dresses! It feels like yesterday!

  4. Choosing my prom dress was more than going to prom. lol. These are great tips for finding the perfect dress. No matter what color or style you choose always make sure the dress is comfortable since you will be wearing it a long time.

  5. I don’t go to prom, never have, but I love that black and white dress! Picking a dress would be my favorite part of prom, though!

  6. oh man, i remember prom. good, bad and eh parts. can’t wait for my kids to go and hopefully have a better time.

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