Pool Safety Tips Parents Need to Know #PoolLife

Yay for #poollife!

Summer is just around the corner and that means that many families will be getting their backyard swimming pools ready for the hot summer sun. Swimming pools are a great way to enjoy the summer months with your family, but it is important that pool safety is the primary concern of parents.

Never leave children unattended in or near the pool– This should be common sense but it is still worth repeating. Just because you are sitting in the pool area, does not mean you are giving children your full attention. If you are texting on your phone or reading a book, a child could drown and it would not be noticed.
Ensure that children know to stay away from pool drains- Swimming pool drains can become suctions for children’s bathing suits, hair, jewelry and even their arms and legs. The 2007 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was introduced after 7-year-old Graeme Baker died in 2002, after drowning because she was suctioned by a drain that had a faulty cover.

Enroll children in swimming classes– Every child develops at different rates, so the time when they are ready to learn to swim is also different. For the most part, kids that are between the ages of 1 and 4 and are ready to learn to swim, should take swimming lessons and all kids over the age of 4 should enroll in swimming lessons.

Install a fence around the pool– Children are curious in nature so with a swimming pool in the backyard, you need to ensure that it is not easily accessible by kids. This means putting a fence around the entire swimming pool. Swimming pool fences should be at least 5 feet high, with no footholds or handholds that children can use to climb the fence. The fence should also feature a gate that has a self-closing and self-latching mechanism.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy #poollife!

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  1. Those are great tips and people who own pools need to read this. I don’t have a pool but these tips are important even when going to public pools with lifeguards.

  2. I would absolutely love to have a pool in the garden, but that doesn’t really fit with our British weather :/ It is so important for children to be safe around the pool as it can be a dangerous place. I love swimming and hope my children will too.

  3. YES YES YES! This is such a good post. Especially here in the UK you hear about pool accidents every single year, it’s so scary – yet it’s just so easy to avoid them! x

  4. OMGoodness…that clip of the child in the pool holding on to the dog’s tail is so cute. I wonder how our pooch would react to the water. I would love to get an above-ground pool in our backyard.

  5. We want to get a pool sometime in the future when our kids are better swimmers. I love pools and water fun! Right now we just have a kiddy pool for them.

  6. I grew up in Florida and did competitive swimming.We are around the water often, so it has been really important to teach my kids pool safety and make sure they know the potential dangers.

  7. Just read some news today, and it really makes me realize the dangers of having pool. We all should be aware of safety tips and have appropriate trainings before having pools

  8. It’s really important that we never leave our kids especially the little ones around, near, or while in the pool. I think these are good reminders for parents this summer!

  9. Pool safety is so important. This is our second summer with a pool in our own backyard and while we have a pool fence and have taught our daughters safety, it’s still terrifying to have this giant body of water at home with a two year old.

  10. Here in NC if you have a pool and you don’t have it surrounded by a fence, the homeowner’s insurance will not cover you. I think it is vitally important that people obey these safety rules about pools that you have posted here.

  11. You are SO spot on when you point out that just because you’re poolside with your kids, it doesn’t mean that you’re “watching” them. It’s so important that children know how to be able to swim!

  12. I grew up with a huge, built-in pool in the backyard. WE had a fence and knew how to swim by 6 months old. But every summer, my parents went through all the safety tips.

  13. My nieces and nephew started taking lessons at very early ages. My sister’s goal was to ensure that if they every fell in the pool, they could safely get themselves out.

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