Best Apps for In-Flight Entertainment

So, you have a long flight ahead of you. Or maybe you are sitting next to someone who snores rather loudly. Whatever the reason, you need something to entertain you…an app perhaps! Here are some apps you need to download for your next flight and the best part is that you don’t need to have Wi-Fi.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush– Despicable Me: Minion Rush is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. This is an action game by GameLoft. It allows you to play the character of Carl, Dave or Jerry, as you dodge, knock, jump or roll in fast-paced challenges.

Fruit Ninja– Fruit Ninja is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. This is an action game by Halfbrick Studios. In the game, an array of fruit is tossed in the air and you use a variety of knife blades to slice the fruit.

Plants vs. Zombies 2– Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available for iOS and Android devices. It is a game that is the sequel to Plants vs. Zombies by Electronic Arts. Race through time with Dr. Zomboss, while supercharging powerful plants.

Pocket- Pocket is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. This app allows you to add articles, videos, etc. to your smartphone, so you can view them later. Pocket is integrated into more than 500 apps like Twitter, Digg, Mashable, Pulse and Google Current.

TED TV- TED TV is available for iOS and Android devices. This is a media organization app. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The app features more than 2,400 conferences on an array of topics, including animals, climate change, health care, motivation, parenting, solar energy and world cultures.

VLC Media Player– VLC Media Player is available for iOS and Android devices. It is a multimedia player that allows you to play an array of audio and video formats, including discs, files, streams and webcams.

Yay for in flight apps! What is your favorite apps to check out when you travel?

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  1. TED is one of those best apps. I love listening to Ted talks. Oh and pocket is also one of my fav apps you can do so much with it and adding articles is great. About a week before i travel I save a lot of articles I want to read and might not have the time for.

  2. Pocket is a great app and definitely one that is so helpful on long flights. I guess I didn’t realize that there was an app for TED, I’ve listened to a more than a few TED talks and loved them, so I will check out the app!

  3. I’ve yet to fly with my two kids yet but I am always looking for new apps to keep their attention! I will definitely be looking into these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I go away soon so I’m so glad to come across this post! I’ve not really played many games on my phone for ages, so you’ve definitely inspired me to get a few.

  5. I always make sure that we’re packed with entertainment and apps whenever we travel. These are pretty awesome ideas, some of the games here are my children’s faves!

  6. I didn’t know that TED had an app! I am going to have to download that because I have a 6 hour flight coming up next week.

  7. I need to download some of these! I always get so bored on flights and next time I fly I’ll be flying with my toddler so I definitely need these!

  8. Haha I used to be addicted to fruit ninja! My nephew loved to play it as he was growing up too. Games are a great idea to entertain the kids during flights

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