Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

How lucky are kids that have their birthdays in summer? The sun is warm, the weather is beautiful and it is just an ideal time for a birthday party. Here are some cool themes to use for your kid’s summer birthday party.

Camping-themed birthday party– One of the great things to enjoy in summer is camping, and kids love camping. So, why not plan a camping-themed birthday party, right in your own backyard? All you need are tents, fire pit and folding chairs.

• Food- Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, trail mix for snacks, iced tea, lemonade.
• Activities- S’mores over a campfire, ghost stories around a campfire, scavenger hunt.
• Decorations- Old sleeping bags for tablecloths.
• Party favors- Miniature flashlights, treat bags with S’mores ingredients.

Beach-themed birthday party
– Summer and beaches go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. You can create the perfect beach-themed birthday party right in your backyard.
• Food- Hot dog, hamburgers, chicken kabobs, watermelon chunks.
• Activities- Musical towels (variation of musical chairs), Frisbee, volleyball game.
• Decorations- Sand and seashells spread around tables, hang life preservers on tree branches, kids pool filled with ice to keep beverages cold.
• Party favors- Sunglasses, beach balls, pail and shovel.

Ocean-themed birthday party– Kids love the ocean so why not plan an ocean-themed birthday party this summer?
• Food- Fish sticks, green colored Jell-O, blue colored Kool-Aid.
• Activities- Water balloon toss.
• Decorations- Blue and green streamers.
• Party favors- Treat bags with goldfish crackers or gummy sharks, water squirt guns, bubbles.

Carnival-themed birthday party– Carnivals are fun, no matter how old you are! Planning a carnival-themed birthday is a lot of fun and simple to do!
• Food- Corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts, caramel apples.
• Activities- Balloon pop, watermelon eating contest, face painting.
• Decorations- Brightly colored tablecloths, colorful balloons.
• Party favors- Treat bags with peanuts or popcorn.

Safari-themed birthday party– Let the kids go on a safari adventure with a cool safari-themed birthday party.
• Food- Pizza, animal crackers, dried banana chips, Cheetos, bug juice.
• Activities- Pin the Tail on the Monkey (variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey), alligator piñata, jungle animal charades.
• Decorations- Inflatable palm trees, animal shaped balloons, coconut and banana bunch table centerpieces.
• Party favors- Party bags with plastic animals, Tootsie Pop bunches.

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  1. These are all great ideas. Both of my boys have August birthdays and I always did a joint party for both of them 🙂

  2. Kids parties can be so stressful to plan (well really all parties!) so it’s awesome that you’ve made up this list!! So helpful for parents who are in the planning phase!

  3. Those are some really great ideas! I’m always so envious because all my kids birthdays are in winter time.

  4. I love all of these suggestions! My daughter’s birthday is in the summer and we always feel bad because she doesn’t get to celebrate at school and many of her classmates are hard to reach during the summe, BUT you’re right! These are AWESOME birthday parties that fall, winter, and spring babies don’t get to have, and no one would want to miss these.

  5. My daughter was just born this month, so I’ll have many summer birthday parties to worry about through the years. I am excited for the ocean theme though. I could never do that for my own winter birthday.

  6. Beautiful ideas for parties in the summer and it will definitely make it more fun to have a theme that’s summer inspired. The camping theme is a really fun idea! I’m sure the kids will truly enjoy a party regardless of what them you pick.

  7. My oldest daughter is eight and has a winter birthday. Her December birthday parties are always indoor and although we’ve had super fun themes, she loves summer birthday parties. Every time a friend has a summer party she reminds me how much fun it would be to have a pool party for her birthday. We’ve actually had almost all of the birthday party themes you mentioned…maybe that’s because she secretly wishes she had a summer birthday!

  8. Summer is the best party time especially because there is no school. Loved all those ideas and a beach party would be great except for sand in the cake. Tents are also kids favorite thing indoors too.

  9. All of my kids are between May and October so there is always some summer birthdays we are looking for things to do. these are great ideas!

  10. Growing up, I ALWAYS wanted to celebrate my half birthday because I was jealous of all of the fun summer birthday party ideas!! These are great!

  11. My twins just said they wanted to have their soccer team over for a sleep over for their birthday and I said that was way too many kids. The idea of camping is perfect! Thanks!

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