Fun Games to Play Around the Campfire

Summer is here and that means it’s time to pack up the camper or tent and head to the great outdoors for some camping time with the family. One of the most popular camping activities is having a campfire. However, just sitting around the campfire, starring into the flames, can get boring after a while. So, try playing one or more of these games around your next campfire.

Chubby Bunny– Chubby Bunny is a lot of fun and all you need are some marshmallows to play. Everyone participating in the game puts 3 or 4 marshmallows in their mouth and says Chubby Bunny out loud. Then, keeping adding more marshmallows while repeating the Chubby Bunny phrase out loud. The winner of the game is the person who can still be understood saying Chubby Bunny with the most marshmallows in their mouth.

Where Am I– This is another fun campfire game. One person gives 2 clues to a place in the United States. For instance, if the place was Disney World, your 2 clues could be, “It is the home of Main Street, USA” and “It is the only place where you can visit China, France and Italy all in the same day.” Everyone takes turns guessing until someone gets it right.

First Names of Famous People– This is a fun game to have around the campfire. The first person will think of the first name of someone famous and choose a category. For instance, the first name Anna and actresses is the category. Taking turns, the rest of the group needs to think of names. So, in the example, they can use names like Anna Kendrick, Anna Paquin and Anna Faris. If someone cannot come up with a name, they are eliminated. The last person left in the game is the winner.

Animal Memory– Animal Memory is a memory game that the whole family can play. One person starts the game by naming an animal that starts with the letter A, like alligator. The next person repeats the word from the previous person, in this case alligator, and adds an animal that starts with the letter B, like bear. The game continues until someone can’t remember the animals that were previously said and they are eliminated from the game. The last person left in the game is the winner.

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  1. I’m loving all the camping posts around right now. Camping is my favorite! That first name game sounds awesome! We like to play “the celebrity game” on road trips where someone names a celebrity and the next person had to name a celebrity who’s first name starts with the first letter of the pervious celebrity’s last name. Anyway, this one would be cool for a little change!

  2. Chubby Bunny is our favorite! We also like bean boozled and trying sour heads without making a face. So much fun trying new games with the family!!

  3. It’s been so long since I last went camping! These are fun ideas especially for the kids! Camping is a great way to catch up with family and just enjoy each other’s company.

  4. My son’s cub scout pack always does chubby bunny. THe kids get such a kick out of it. Awesome ideas. I will have to save these for our next camp out!

  5. My husband and I want to take my kids camping before the school year starts back up again. I would love to try some of these with them!

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