Ways College Freshmen Can Make Extra Money

Most college freshmen will usually complain that they don’t have enough money. The good news is that you can make money while in college and still have time for studying and socializing. Here are some ways college freshmen can make extra money.

Cleaning Houses– Cleaning houses is a great job for college students. You don’t need any real experience and the work can be easily done in just a few hours.

House Sitting– When folks go on vacation, they often look for someone to housesit while they are away. As a house sitter, you will likely care for their pets, if they have any and basically just watch their home for security purposes.

Local Tour Guide- If you attend college in an area that you know well, you can make good money as a local tour guide. As a tour guide, you will show guests and visitors around the city or town and all it has to offer.

Pizza Delivering- Delivering pizza is a driving job that allows you to earn an hourly wage plus make some tips. Many pizza places are happy to hire college students.

Recycling Bottles and Cans- Yes, this task requires you to dig through trash cans and dumpsters, it is an easy way to make some extra cash. So, walk around your college campus, collecting bottles and cans. Then, just take them down to your local recycling center, in exchange for some cash.

Sports Referee- If you played a sport growing up, you can find a job as a local sports referee. Many community-oriented youth sports leagues need referees for their games.

Tutoring- In a college setting, you can make some decent money as a tutor. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to college students, as you can also offer your tutoring services to high school and middle school students. You can tutor in subjects that you do especially well in, such as history, math, reading or science.

Uber Driver– If you have a vehicle, you can make some decent money as an Uber driver. Driving for Uber allows you to set your own hours.

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  1. My stepson has always been ambitious and he’s now going into his 3rd and final year at his undergrad school. He works 3 jobs!

  2. My daughter is a freshman in college now…living at home, and she works the minimal amount that she can get by with. It’s awful. She just has no ambition. This is a great list though, so hopefully it will come in handy for those college freshman that want to earn some money outside of retail.

  3. My teen is a high school senior and I am definitely going to share this with her. She is all about making a few extra bucks and some of these are right uno her alley.

  4. I always wanted to get a gig house sitting. I guess I didn’t know enough people that traveled. I wasn’t a party person so I would have been totally responsible.

  5. Great ideas! College freshman need to focus on school but also need some income so these are great ideas for those in school!

  6. My eldest would work part time and also earns from her blog. I think it’s really nice to see her trying to earn extra for her college fees and all that comes with it! It makes me really proud. These are great suggestions!

  7. These are all great ideas. I had three jobs at the same time in college. Everything helps when you have super expensive books to pay for! We used to sell our old books for extra cash, or I’d type up papers for a small fee.

  8. These are some great ways to make money during those years when money can be tight. When I was at uni, I worked part time in a shop and that was a real god send.

  9. This is a great list. I didn’t work while I was in college but I wish I had. I think being a tour guide would be so much fun. I probably wouldn’t trust a college kid to house sit for me but I bet that would be an interesting job too!

  10. Excellent ideas. My first couple of years in college I spent too much time at the plasma center donating. I think it was $20 per donation and I could go every other day. I would sit and do my homework while I made a little cash. Looking back though, that sounds like a crazy idea!

  11. These are such good ideas! I remember in college so many people complained, but then again they never looked at their options. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  12. I did undergrad in a really isolated location, where there weren’t really off campus job options and students weren’t allowed to have cars on campus until they were upperclassmen. But the school had plenty of jobs available, from mail sorting to videographer/projectionist (for sporting events and required film screenings for classes), and later as an upperclass student, tour guides and working for a prof – I did all of these and more, and was able to cobble together 40 hrs/wk by my senior year to help cover my expenses and tuition bills. It all depends on the setting, but students who are motivated can usually find job options if eye just know where to look – including desk jobs that will allow you to do homework while “working”!

  13. These are some great ideas for college kids to make some extra cash. I know that holding down any sort of job can be trying while trying to go to school.

  14. You’ve shared some amazing tips! I remember how tough it was trying to scrape change together to make it through the College Years, especially the early ones.

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