Fun Thanksgiving Day Activities for Families

Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and pumpkin pie. It is also about spending time together as a family. This year, consider one (or more) of the activities below to do as a family.

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Dinner Conversation Starters– This fun activity takes place when everyone is seated for Thanksgiving dinner. Think of some conversation starters and have everyone take turns sharing their answers, ideas and thoughts. Need some ideas to get going? “I am grateful for _______,” “My favorite part about Thanksgiving is ______,” and “The one thing in nature I am thankful for is ______.”

Family Photo Puzzle– This is a great activity to do as Thanksgiving Day winds down. Take a family photo and then transform the photo into a jigsaw puzzle. This can be done online at websites like and or locally at retailers such as Staples and Walmart. You can choose to keep this for your family to enjoy or you can send it to loved ones who live far away.

Neighborhood Thanksgiving Parade– The most popular Thanksgiving Day parade is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which has been held since 1952. This year, why not create a Thanksgiving parade in your own neighborhood! Get neighborhood families involved by having them create their own floats. Then, have everyone line up and march through the streets of the neighborhood.

Tablecloth of Thanks– This Tablecloth of Thanks makes the perfect family tradition to start this year. Start with a new, clean, light-colored tablecloth. As guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, have them sign their name on the tablecloth, with a Sharpie, along with the date and the one thing they are thankful for this year. Each year, use this same tablecloth on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Themed Movie– After everyone has a full belly from all the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash and pie, gather the family around the living room to relax and watch a Thanksgiving-themed movie together. Need some inspiration? Check out the 1987 Planes, Trains and Automobiles; the 1995 Home for the Holidays; the 2003 Pieces of April; the 2009 The Blind Side or the 2013 Free Birds.

What do you like to do for Thanksgiving with your family, besides eat turkey?!

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