Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Teacher

Kids can be kind of a tough critic when it comes to their teachers. They will say their teachers are too mean, too bossy, too strict or they will say they are too nice, too sweet, too easy. If your child happens to be dealing with a difficult teacher, the steps you take can go a long way to ensure the school year is bearable for everyone involved.

Investigate and define the problem– The first thing you need to do when your child tells you they have a difficult teacher, is to find out exactly what the issue is. Don’t be so quick to blame the teacher until you figure out what your child is trying to tell you. For instance, if your child says that their teacher is difficult because they just don’t like them, it may be that your child likes to daydream in class, which likely frustrates the teacher. Question your child to find out the specific details of what is going on.

Encourage your child to talk to their teacher– Your child may not want to talk to their teacher about what is going on, but it is important that, as a parent, you encourage your child to set up a student-teacher meeting, in an attempt to try and resolve the issue at hand.

Meet with your child’s teacher– If you find that the situation isn’t resolved after your child talks to their teacher, it is time for you to intervene. You don’t want to go and blindside the teacher with accusations, especially since you haven’t heard their side of what’s going on. Make an appointment with your child’s teacher, but don’t go into the meeting placing blame on the teacher. Instead of hurling accusations at the teacher, simply ask if the two of you can discuss what is going on with your child.

Meet with your child’s principal, if needed– If after meeting with your child’s teacher, there is still no resolution to the situation, it is time to schedule a meeting with the school’s principal. You also want to ensure that your child’s teacher will also be present at the meeting. The three of you likely have your child’s best interest in mind, so it is crucial to your child and their education, that you all work together to come up with the best solution that will benefit everyone involved. It may be that the best resolution is to change your child to a different classroom. Or it may just be that your child has to learn to adapt to the teacher’s specific style of teaching.

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