How To Deal with Your Child Stealing: The Case Of The Extra Webkinz Cat


How To Deal with Your Child Stealing

It is a moment all parent would dread- catching your child stealing something. It is not uncommon at all, but of course you don’t want it to happen. You will first need to figure out why they stole and then figure out how to deal with the situation. Above all stay calm and you can get through this.Younger kids sometimes steal just because they want something and don’t really think about it. This can be part of their development that is not complete yet. You need to explain that stealing is never acceptable and you do not approve of this behavior.

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Talking about Abstinence and Pregnancy with Your Teenager: Making It Less Awkward

Talking about Abstinence and Pregnancy with Your Teenager

Start out your conversation with this meme…because Ryan Gosling helps ease into a conversation a tad easier.


One of the hardest talks that parents need to have with their teenager is the one about sex and abstinence. It really isn’t something that is hard to talk about but it is really more awkward than anything else. Here is how you can talk about abstinence and pregnancy with your teenager. Um, awkward!

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When Parents Don’t Agree


We have all heard that parents need to present a united front when dealing with their kids. This is easier said than done. Each person was raised differently and may have different ideas about raising children. Here are some ways to help parents come together.

Begin with some ground rules. If one parent has to make a discipline decision, the other parent, even if they privately disagree, should always back up the other parent. Discuss it later, but don’t disagree in front of the kids.

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What to Know About Teens and Texting


Everybody texts nowadays, and it seems like a quick and easy tool for communication. If you have a teen you know that they will respond faster when you text them. Texting seems safe and secure, right? The truth is that they are a lot of sneaky ways that teens can text about things you would not really want them to. How can you know what is really going on?

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Should My High Schooler Get a Job?


There are a lot of good reasons for a high school student to get a part time job, but there are also some drawbacks. You need to start off by having a serious conversation with your teen about working while going to school.

If your student comes to you and wants to get a job, find out why. Is it something they really want to do, or are they just looking for spending money? Is money tight in the household, or do they have something specific they want to save up for?

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How To Communicate With Your Teens Via Text


Oh how teens love to text! Communication with our teens is critical during this stage in their lives and if we can get through to them even slightly, I think we can claim success. Albeit challenging at times (ok, most of the time), sometimes we need to get on THEIR level in order to communicate with those little sweetie pies especially when they are out with friends. You just don’t know what they could be up to and that is why checking in on them isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Questioning Parenting Skills: Do I Suck As A Parent?


As a parent, I often question whether I am doing the right thing. Every situation is different and how we handle it can make a huge difference in the way our child perceives us and the way they handle situations themselves.

Is my child going to end up a screaming lunatic if I yell at them for not cleaning up their room? Will they end up the kid in my basement playing video games at the age of 40 if I don’t give them enough responsibilities?

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How to Keep Your Kids Positive When Playing Sports


Sports are a great activity for kids. Sports improve not only physical coordination, but also mental concentration and focus. We want our kids to do well and have fun, too. Sometimes negativity creeps in. Maybe the team doesn’t win many games, or maybe there are kids that get too competitive. There are many ways that you can help keep your child positive.

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Unspoiling Your Child

Daughter being told off by her mother

As parents, we want our children to be happy and healthy. We want our kids to have a good life and maybe a better one than we did. Unfortunately, even with good intentions we can sometimes end up spoiling our child. If that happens, as long as you recognize it, there are ways you can “unspoil” your child.

First you want to identify any patterns. Do you give in when your child whines for a new toy? Or maybe you give a treat to keep them quiet or behaving. Make some rules, or if you have rules, you must stick to them. If you whine for dessert during dinner? Guess what, no dessert all week!

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