My Youngest Starts Kindergarten And I’m Freaking Out…

It is the day I have been looking forward to immensely and now that it is here, I am kind of freaking out. My youngest child starts school. Not kiddie campus. Not preschool. Like REAL school. No more diaper changing (which I am oddly missing) and no more spoon feeding. This kid has moved on to holding her own in more ways than one.

About five years I calculated this day out. My oldest would be in 8th grade, my 2nd would be in 3rd grade when my youngest started kindergarten. It seemed so way off. It seemed like the far off future. But now, that moment is here.

Her backpack is packed. Her outfit is clean and the camera is ready for the annual first day of school photo.


I made stops at all four schools the first day to drop off each kid. After I made the last stop and was ready to head into work, a sudden wave of sadness hit me. THAT just happened. All my kids are in school. Not only do I feel old, but I also feel as if life is flashing before my very eyes.

That’s why moments like this make me realize even more how much I need to NOT will my time away. I need to live in the moment and enjoy every smile, every fight, every hair pulling session these kids have. Time goes way too fast.

So why is it that that first day of school is so bittersweet?

This is the start of a chapter they are starting to write for themselves.  The handwriting may be a little messy  They need us, but not as much as they needed us before.  The fruits of my labor are being tested.  And while my work is not totally done, I can only hope that they don’t forget to soak in every moment and remember how much I love them!